A Formal Prayer to Nechtan

I wrote this a while ago, but as the pandemic continues to rage and the political situation in the United States plunges into chaos I think it is a good prayer to share.


O Nechtan,

husband of Boann,

son of Labraid Loingsech,

hear our prayer:


May the power of your originating waters,

your pool,

your spring,

your well,

energize our lustrations,

our purifications,

our washings.

May this virus be washed away, back to

the infernal depths, where great heat

can take it apart, back to the primal sea

to recycle its constituent dismantled parts.


As we bathe in your vitalizing waters,

may proportion and knowledge thereof

return to our lands desecrated by ignorance

and malevolence as much as virulence.


May the pestilence that afflicts our world be washed away.


I find working with Nechtan that it is ideal to find a local place that resonates with his well, in addition to keeping a shrine with water on it. This can be a good start to doing journeywork.


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