Disenchantment: Haiyan & COP19

A Druid’s thoughts on Haiyan and the COP19 catastrophe:


For those of us who practice embodied religions embedded in place, in sacred embodiment, in immanence our traditions are quite literally under attack as powerful global forces obstruct doing anything significant about global warming. The so-called COP19 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) is winding down in Warsaw, Poland in spectacular failure. Many vulnerable nations, many of them islands like the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines, reeling from the aftermath of super-typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda or the small Republic of the Marshall Islands whose airport is now under water at high tide are already bearing the knife edge of the changing and rapidly deteriorating human-made climate changes. Unsurprisingly, developing countries are over-proportionally dealing with the destruction and were told they cannot expect compensation by powerful nations at the conference, including the U.S., Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Canada.

 To call attention to the direness of the situation the Filipino representative went on a fast.

The US, accounting for at least one-fourth of cumulative emissions, has a huge responsibility, a moral responsibility, to tackle climate change, not just to address it domestically, but also to be able to provide support for developing countries.

Typhoon Haiyan‘s destruction provides a grim backdrop to the negotiations in Warsaw. Yeb Sano learned that his brother survived only by seeing him on a news report, helping to collect the dead. The science is clear: with increasing temperatures, extreme weather events will become more frequent and more deadly. After Sano announced his fast in an emotional address to the plenary, several students silently walked with him as he exited, holding a banner commemorating the dead in the Philippines. For this spontaneous act of solidarity, they were banned from the climate proceedings, for a year. One of the banned, Clemence Hutin from Paris, told me, “I don’t understand why civil society isn’t welcome here and corporations are.”

 http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/nov/21/cop-19-warsaw-climate-change-corporations-conference Amy Goodman

The hosting country Poland gets approximately 90% of its energy needs from coal, and trumpeted coal as the energy source of the future. A rather hellish future that would be. So many ecosystems are already severely at risk from the Arctic to estuaries to coral reefs (warming water increases the acidification that threatens all marine animals and plants with calcareous shells). From polar bears to gelada monkeys many keystone species are currently threatened as their habitat disappears as the temperature increases.  We do to remember that countless sacred sites will vanish under the waters if carbon emissions are not controlled. The politics of disenchantment continues waging war on our planet where one out of four mammal species now is threatened with extinction and one half of flowering plants.

tthe balete tree shelters spirits


In the meantime 4 million people remain homeless in the central Philippines. And speaking of that country I want to mention a delightful Filipino Hellenist blog Under Two Trees. Lots of links there on where you can send a little to help the people devastated by the super-tycoon (or give to Doctors Without Borders). Small contributions add up, as they say.     http://undertwotrees.wordpress.com/


From the Prow of Myth Review

Check out the review of From the Prow of Myth over at Aedicula Antinoi: http://aediculaantinoi.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/review-of-michael-routerys-from-the-prow-of-myth/

A couple excerpts:

There is a quality to many of these poems that is simultaneously reminiscent of the Orphic Hymns in their grand and traditional lyricism, but which likewise has a touch of what I can only describe as a variety of “pagan beat poetry,” in the very best sense of that set of terms. There is a Zen-like, haiku-esque use of linguistic economy and restraint that ends up being more suggestive and evocative, and nearly apophatic amidst the generally kataphatic phraseology of poetry. It’s a quality I’ve also sensed in other modern polytheist poets, including in Erynn Rowan Laurie’s Fireflies at Absolute Zero, a poet who likewise shares the CR/filidecht and Antinoan Mystery tradition associations with Routery and myself.


The section on land spirits was especially wonderful, and given the general neglect of these in modern pagan and polytheist practice, this is all the more commendable. Even though many of us do revere and honor these beings in our local geography, not many of us write truly devotional poetry to them, and so this section may be of especial interest to those who wish to see exemplary models to follow in this regard for the future.

–P. Sufenas Virius Lupus


The Wyrd Ways

October and November riches:

October and the start of November held such an overflowing of ritual goodness. Mid-month I celebrated the local wine grape harvest for Dionysos, and the Hermaia Propylaia for Hermes, a modern festival developed by Sannion and Dver, which I’ve done for the several years now. Late at night I wal out with a food offering to a nearby park/golf course, which was once a cemetery (and where the dead can still be felt) Originally, I had UPG that this site had associations with the dead, and then later research verified that this was indeed a former cemetery. I love those confirmations of gnosis! Then came the Sacred Nights of Antinous, followed almost immediately by Samhain. This year I broke it up into components, so to speak. Secular Halloween and the laying out of the ancestor altar on Thursday, a private ritual to one of my gods on Friday, and a Samhain salmon feast and full ritual for the gods and spirits on Saturday.


And this Wednesday night (Nov.6) 10PM East Coast time I will be on Wyrd Ways Radio for an interview with the inimitable Sannion, who says “Prepare to have your mind blown by the power of poetry.” Yes, From The Prow of Myth will be talked about.

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