Fields Book Store

This afternoon after work I stopped off at Fields Bookstore, the venerable bookseller of spiritual books of Western, Eastern and indigenous traditions, as well as alternative health, philosophy and many other categories.  They carry a wide selection of quality pagan books: I saw works by familiar figures like Erynn Rowan Laurie and John Michael Greer to Diana Paxson on the shelves. I’ve shopped there for over twenty years and items on my shelves from copies of Temenos to Jan Fries’ Seidways to Onian’s Origins of European Thought were procured there. They occupy a long narrrow and high ceilinged storefront, a typically San Francisco space. They have been there for 80 years, longer than the existence of either the Golden Gate or Bay Bridges. Unfortunately they are closing the storefront location after years of poor sales. Another chunk of San Francisco’s heritage is being lost. While they will continue as an online business the loss of our brick-and-mortar bookstores is a sign of rapid erosion of culture and even of humanity in our times. I told David, the proprietor, how saddened I was. Many other shoppers were expressing similar sentiments while I was in there. They will be open until February. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or visiting anytime soon make a trip to Polk Street and give them some business.


Some pictures: