I’m so tired of the endless drama, the gestural politics, and the crab in a bucket syndrome that roils the pagan/polytheist communities.




I’d rather spend time with the lake spirit,  tending my shrines, and celebrating the Muses.

Turtle Island

Turtle Island

One of the Muses (1890s, Cliff House, SF).

One of the Muses (1890s, Cliff House, SF).


Ave, Ave Antinoe

Ave, Ave Antinoe

It looks like I can only muster a brief note on this year’s PantheaCon, perhaps there will be more later, perhaps not.

Really, I’ve had more trouble than usual in trying to wrap my thoughts into words about the 2015 PantheaCon. It was a brief ‘Con this year for me, as I was only able to attend from Saturday evening to late Sunday night. The time I spent there was definitely about the craic and the colloquy, the important conversations and nourishing dialogues with friends from far away, and of people I only see at PantheaCon. Murtagh an Doile, of Nemed na Morrigna, one of those doing proto-CR back in the 80s, and head of the Pagan History Project; big hearted Oggie of El Paso; PSV Lupus; the Anomalous Thracian; and Duffi McDermott, were among these. It was good to meet the very knowledgeable Thenea of Pandemos, a South SF Bay Hellenic group, the marvelous Jaina Bee, and Alley Valkyrie who gave me some wonderful honeybee patches and an anti-capitalist zine (thanks!).   And a few good rituals were had, including the Ekklesia Lupercalia in which I participated, and a rite to Dionysos Hestios.

Although San Jose is relatively close for me, I live too far for it to be a daily commute. Also the Con is held in one of the most expensive locales in the US (Silicon Valley) and even a sad-sack room for one night in a so-called nearby “budget” motel cost me over a 100 dollars. A usual accommodation had fallen out, and I use medical equipment for sleeping (yes, a C-pap machine).

I had had some apprehensions before I arrived, which quickly dissipated after running into some of the aforementioned friends, but at one point I almost went to the Pagan Scholar’s suite but noticed on the board that Atheopagan was soon be making a presentation, so I headed toward the elevator. I do work to avoid unnecessary stress and negativity in my life. Unfortunately this was unavoidable for other attendees, especially those of color. Much has written about a stupid unofficial bulletin put out by an anonymous group that apparently finds racism comical (read Aedicula Antinoi for a thorough treatment of this). But there was much more. I was only briefly able to stop by the Pagans of Color hospitality suite hosted by Elena Rose, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir and other fine folks,but was horrified later to hear that people had been walking down the hall there making verbal harassments. Some felt physically unsafe walking around.

I’m just…almost at a loss of words that this level of racism/white supremacism is going on at PantheaCon. I’d really like to know what the planners have in mind to better the situation in the future. It really is scary, and I am left wondering about the future of PantheaCon.

Also see:


“If you intend to destroy an individual or a culture, destroy their dreams. This is happening now on a global scale.” So prophetic writer and master magician William Burroughs wrote back in 1987, and how that war has been amplified in the years since. What does it mean when a body/culture/species starts destroying itself on a macro-level?


Can we (some) make our way through the Western Lands? To prep for the journey cultivate your Imagination.


Tonight I poured a libation of whiskey for Uncle Bill on his birthday.


And I found this interesting music of Tiago Sousa inspired by the novel The Western Lands. http://www.restingbell.net/releases/rb030-the-western-lands




By Christiaan Tonnis (flickr)

By Christiaan Tonnis (flickr)



Interesting fact: Burroughs is an Ekklesia Antinoou sanctus.

The new edition of Air n-Aithesc is out. The print edition is beautiful. The digital is very economical, the price of a couple cuppas.

Here’s a photo of the Table of Contents:


Check it out here: http://ciannai2.wix.com/air-n-aithesc

Happy Imbolc

Here’s a praise poem I used in our ritual today:


Praise Poem for the Brigids


Brigid the smith, your fire contained and

channeled into the iron, shaping and helping;

Brigid of the herbs, gathering, healing, young and old;

Brigid of the poets, bright and dark, fire in water,

bubbling imbas into poem and prophecy;

Brigid of the hearth; Brigid of the judgments;

Brig Ambue of the cowless warriors, the outsiders;

Great Bríd of the Horses, dark inspirer;

May all the Brigids be welcome here at our table,

Blessing, inspiring, and protecting.


Sheep’s milk, cow’s milk (all local and organic),  Irish herbed butter and a sheep’s milk cheese named “Brigante”(!) were offered.


Sheep's milk

Sheep’s milk


For Taliesin Radiant Brow, the great Bard of Wales on his Feast Day:


Bright-Browed, Wave-Bourne


One can float so long in the darkness

rocked softly, rocked violently,

in wet leather,

tanged with salt until

and at some point

a light rises

washing up as if from

some unknown abyss;

And snagged from fishing trap

you are exposed

into a new life

where wisdom and force

course through through your veins

and leap from your tongue

in flashes of poetic fire and prophecy!


Dragon of Cymru

Dragon of Cymru

Today is the feast day of Antinous the Navigator (Ekklesia Antinoou).

I offer Him this poem:


Stella Antinoi

the clip of a fast boat cuts through swells

the waters dark as the night sky

for the Navigator is victorious

in his struggle with the powers

who hold, who bind, and

like a porpoise surfacing,

stronger than the shark

more clever than

shadowy Leviathan,

his ship bursts forth!

can you see it

in the light

reflected by

that Star under whose light we can navigate?

The Constellation Antinous

The Constellation Antinous


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