Fire, Blight, and Balor


Fires and more fires, blights, an ogam reading in a storm and more….thoughts over at paganbloggers:


2 thoughts on “Fire, Blight, and Balor

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the fires and blights and infestations destroying your forests. I can certainly see blights such as Phytophthora ‘plant destroyer’ or ‘plant ruin’ as destructive persons, perhaps akin to the Formorians.

    I just looked up Balor and read the following about his eye – “It was always covered with seven cloaks to keep it cool. He took the cloaks off one by one. At the first, ferns began to wither. At the second, grass began to redden. At the third, wood and trees began to heat up. At the fourth, smoke came out of wood and trees. At the fifth, everything got red hot. At the sixth…… At the seventh, the whole land caught fire”. I can certainly see how this relates to the situation you describe.

    The apple trees the friends group I run planted in my local valley have suffered from blight for two years running now and I’ve had the impression some destructive being with the ability to cause blight with the touch of its hand has stepped through… not sure how to deal with this… have just been told to remove the blighted leaves but not of any way to stop it…

    1. Pretty amazing how prophetic that description of Balor is. These blight are impacting many tree species around the world.

      Perhaps from all of the raiding of the Underworld/Otherworld, stealing cauldrons and other treasures that belonged there, the harrowing of hell that has gone on for so long, the rifts and rents in the chthonic fabric are releasing these entities. Do we need to pay them and with what?

      Sorry to hear about the apple trees, another very significant one.

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