Some Eclipse Thoughts


As Whiteness shows its lethal qualities more and more nakedly (I don’t mean that it hasn’t always been lethal, but it’s now parading undisguised once again) Heathen Chinese has some very interesting thoughts on whiteness as an ‘egregore’.


As a person who is constructed as white in terms of racial privilege and has long attempted deconstructing that I found it very chewy and insightful. I say this as a person of Irish and British descent, two of whose grandparents immigrated to the US and one other one whose lineage stretches back to a Welsh boy abducted into indentured servitude in the colonial era.

I have long navigated Celtic practices/customs as one path out of some of this, within the limits of being a US citizen brought up with English as mother tongue.

To be blunt I don’t see Celtic anything having anything whatsoever to do with being ‘white’. White is something that was born in the US colonies of Britain and was a result of creating divisions among the peoples of said colonies. There were no white people in Europe before early modern times. No concept. It shouldn’t be that hard to see but I know for many people just can’t get it. Pagans in general need to fight this egregore of whiteness.



Also, I have some thoughts up on Boann, and the visions from the Well at paganbloggers.


2 thoughts on “Some Eclipse Thoughts

  1. Very good thoughts, here and there!

    Someone the other day–I think it might have been Bill Maher (for all his bluster and asshole-ish-ness, he does have a good point quite often)–mentioned that the path of totality for this eclipse is actually going over areas that predominantly voted for the current Commander-in-Cheeto, thus making it true that they’ll be in the dark literally as well as figuratively.

    And yet, being “endarkened” in this fashion is something that there needs to be more of, especially in relation to the artificial nature of “whiteness” and all that it has come to imply. As an imaginary construct, though one with undeniably horrific results for those unjustly deprived of its benefits, it should be as easy to shed as it is to accept. If only it were that easy…

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