Paganbloggers post & Berkeley

I’m doing some blogging over on the new paganbloggers portal. Check it out.

Don’t worry, I will keep this blog going too.


In other news I am following the alt-right rally and counter-protest in the civic center park in downtown Berkeley. I once lived catty-corner to the park. I used to make offerings to the spirits there and the magnificent poplar and other trees (there are redwoods, holly, and magnolias) there around the beautiful tiled fountain (no water) made by children with peace messages. A park loved by the local crows too. This is a place with a long history of radical politics (it’s often called Provo park by locals) and also long the site of the Pagan fair. It’s no accident that the vile white supremacists of the alt-right would choose this location to invade. I’m glad to hear many counter-protestors turned out.

This is a place that has been imbued with much magic over the years. Let’s never forget magic is a weapon of liberation.


12 thoughts on “Paganbloggers post & Berkeley

  1. Fascinating stuff. What you’ve written about the Crusades and Christian inquisitors repressing subaltern people, particularly folk who shift into wolf-form finds parallels in Arthurian mythology, where Arthur (a Christian ‘champion’) slaughters the Cynvyn, ‘dog-heads’, and contends with Gwrgi Garwlwyd, ‘Man Dog Rough Grey’, Rhymi who ‘goes in wolf form’ and her two whelps Gwyddrud and Gwydden Abstrus ‘two old men from the land of enchantment’. This suggests we possessed lupine shapeshifting traditions in Britain which were extinguished during the ‘Dark Ages’.

    I like what you say about seeking vision/inspiration in our various traditions as a form of decolonisation 🙂

    I’m glad to hear there was counter protest against the alt-right. Take care!

  2. Not to my knowledge…it should stay in print perpetually, according to what I’ve heard. (So the ridiculous prices secondhand sellers/book speculators are selling it for on some websites are entirely unnecessary.)

    1. Amazon says it’s not currently available–except int hose absurdly priced secondhand sellers. You might want to check. I would like to have the book. Tax returns were paltry this year–after last year’s meager income, but I usually buy a few expensive books at this time of year.
      I find something uniquely compelling about Thiess and have felt that somehow a gleam of his personality comes across all the centuries. Discovered him while doing research for a thesis some 25 years ago.

      1. If you go to Edwin Mellen’s website, they have it…still expensive at $349.95, which is more than twice what it used to be (and am surprised to see), but it is still in print. I have no idea why the price went up that much, and was never notified of such…and needless to say, the author doesn’t see a dime of it.

        Yes, I love Thiess and his repeated insistence, “No, we are the Hounds of God”…

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