When Second Function Perverted…

Like dogs trained against their sensible nature, striped by whip and chain,

chained and fenced in pens, then unleashed in demented fury—

furious the bullies beat upon the weak when


forces of the second function* turn against their own communities,

committing attacks upon those within the precincts of the assemblies;

now they appear traitors to their oaths to protect,

oaths reflecting mirror-like their very purpose for existing.


And yet, in insulation of armor, they turn their weaponry,

on the peoples in paroxysm of injustice,

injustice where the blood of innocents

flows on the streets and stains red-brown the robes of justice.


Then truth, as well as justice, has departed from the land,

harried off to a sinister hall, stripped of dignity,

hellishly gagged and chained; her cries are rending,

heard in night’s trembling. Expeditions must be prepared by new

heroes with strength in their arms and truth on their tongues,

heroic courage beating in their hearts.


*The second function in Dumezilian Indo-European theory is that of warriors and protectors.


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