The Holidays

Here are some pictures from the recent holidays.

First is the Antinous (and Company) shrine lit up from the Foundation Day ritual on October 30th. On that date Antinous was deified after drowning in the Nile according to Egyptian tradition, and Hadrian initiated the cultus, and the plans for the new city of Antinoopolis on the site.


The 31st was dedicated to ancestors. Kind of difficult and bumpy start this year. Couldn’t find various things. At one point tea was made and offered (I’m not a tea drinker myself) as requested back in July at the Matronae rite. I feel a much stronger connection with my maternal line, but there was this push to connect with foremothers on my dad’s side). Raw and deep.


Sunday the Grove of the Bay celebrated Samhain with a beautiful Druidic fire ritual in Fremont. A couple photos:



I made an offering to the Cailleagh and asked for storm. It started raining on the way home. It rained all night and the ground is actually wet for the first time in something like 7 months. The air so fresh today and the sky full of towering white clouds. Happy November.


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