The Wind Is Rising

The wind is rising. Haze hangs over the Golden Gate from fires far to the north in the Trinity. The world is burning. It’s been burning for a long time, but more and more it burns. The land of California, the land of the goddess Califia, is so parched the mountain forests are dying. The temperature is rising. Black and transgendered bodies lie on America’s streets, citizens slaughtered like cattle by the blue. Pain and suffering everywhere. In light of these times a new tone is taken today.


The underworld powers are hungry, denied so long. The Dead are restless. Our animal and plant relations are dying. Our rivers and lakes are dying. The coral reefs are dying. We live in the Sixth Extinction. Feed the Powers and open the gates for Them!


One thing I know is that polytheism in western society breaks holes in the general programming of the OGU, the One God Universe of control and capitalism. Polytheism is relational, and it is generous. It is embedded in gift giving. These practices don’t go together with that social relation which converts all, including our own bodies, into resource, into capital, for further monetary gain and accumulation, and which is not released but reinvested or hoarded. Unfortunately, the programming that this is what human life is for and about is so deep that many have internalized it so deeply to where they view everything in economic terms. We can see forces seeking to defend the OGU in surprising places in the so-called Big Tent: they often call themselves atheists, atheist Pagans who do much to decry the magic and reality of the gods. (After all, the One God can be renamed Reason or the Almighty Dollar.)

We need to be ready. Manannán mac Lir, may You open the gates so we hear the messages of the Shining Ones in our time of need! Janus, Wepwawet, and Hekate may You do likewise!



4 thoughts on “The Wind Is Rising

  1. I think MGW opened a door, which many of us knew was already cracked and a draught was coming from it…

    It is going to be *interesting* to see what happens with things in the coming months and year, I think…

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