New Air N-Aithesc

If you have any interest in Celtic ways, check out the Lughnasadh/Samhain issue of our Celtic Reconstructionist magazine, Air N-Aithesc. It includes a fascinating look at the Morrigan’s use of incitement in the Second Battle of Maige Tuired, “The Role Of The Morrigan In The Cath Maige Tuired”,  which includes translations of poetic passages left untranslated by Stokes and Grey. There’s a beautiful essay by Saigh Kym Lambert, “Warriors For The Horse Goddesses”, and my own “Catching Wisdom: Nuadhu, Nechtan, Nodens”, which explores connections with filidecht wisdom traditions.

There are poems (mine), an interview with the wonderful Irish artist Jane Brideson, book reviews and considerations on the Indo-Europeans by Maya St. Clair, and thoughts on practice by Ceffyl Aedui, as well. Get a copy and enjoy some good reading.


Digital and print copies available.


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