Manannan’s Offerings

I make my offerings on St. John’s day, the traditional date that has so much European (and beyond) folklore associated with it.

I gathered (tule) reeds and yellow flowers. I also bake a bannock (non-traditional offering). I bring them to a nearby shoreline, where there are ruins of a Victorian bathhouse and a cave. The tide was unusually low and a sandy beach not commonly seen was exposed. When I got to the water’s edge and was praying, the best description I can think of is the offerings were ‘seized’! A wave rapidly came in much closer to shore than the rest of them, and I knew I had to throw them in the water(and run back). Here’s a few photos:

The location
The location

Sutro sunset

the rushing waters
the rushing waters

Sutro wildflowers

Lots of wildflowers on the hillside above. There’s also a tiny spring.


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