ReWilding Poem

Here’s a rewilding poem for this vernal weekend.


I celebrate the return of the wolves

to California, the beavers to England,

The resurgence of the European bear

scouting the woods of Italy and Iberia,

The regrowth of the Caledonian forest and

The prairies of the upper Missouri,

Coyotes with sleek coats, content

In San Francisco’s parks,

Porpoises in the bay,

The millennium forests of Ireland,

The appearance of the golden lessingia,

And the rewilding of Romania.

The wild grows back

Pushing through concrete,

the floret of dandelions

In the storm drain, the crows

On the apartment ledge

With their huge messy nest.

With a little push here and there from us

It happens faster, there is no denying it.

A fire burns in our hearts,

Whether the seven-ton heart of the blue whale,

The supercharged one of the tiniest hummingbird,

Beating ten times a second,

Or the too often banked one of the human animal.

Smothering the green fire leads to the death of

Both imagination and soul.



“In Wildness is the preservation of the world.” Thoreau


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