Happy Imbolc

Here’s a praise poem I used in our ritual today:


Praise Poem for the Brigids


Brigid the smith, your fire contained and

channeled into the iron, shaping and helping;

Brigid of the herbs, gathering, healing, young and old;

Brigid of the poets, bright and dark, fire in water,

bubbling imbas into poem and prophecy;

Brigid of the hearth; Brigid of the judgments;

Brig Ambue of the cowless warriors, the outsiders;

Great Bríd of the Horses, dark inspirer;

May all the Brigids be welcome here at our table,

Blessing, inspiring, and protecting.


Sheep’s milk, cow’s milk (all local and organic),  Irish herbed butter and a sheep’s milk cheese named “Brigante”(!) were offered.


Sheep's milk
Sheep’s milk



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