For The Cailleach

It’s still her season.


At the Cailleach’s Kitchen


Grey and blue, glistening like

eels in a tub, but I think

it was something more disturbing

you were washing in that hidden

rock house, surrounded by the booming waves.

Holy crone, slick and turning

the convoluted processes

of digestion, night and

day, hidden and revealed,

life and death all in breakfast meal.

Blood and oatmeal and the dead.

The waves still crash through the rocks,

Echoing further shores.




4 thoughts on “For The Cailleach

      1. On that same trip, we saw the tallest ogam stone in the world (which is nearby to the Caillech), and also, from a distance, Tech Duinn. As I had recently come through a rather grueling hospitalization at the time, it felt right that we couldn’t get very close to the latter and could only see it from a distance, barely.

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