Silver Branch Arrangements



It’s been quiet here for a bit, what with the burden of work and serious family health issues. So I think it’s time for a poem.

This poem can be considered among other things an answer to the question ‘why are you a Reconstructionist’ that I sometimes get.



Silver Branch Arrangements


Why, you say?


Because the breeze off that sea blows blossoms

Of my soul, shaking boughs that hitherto

I did not even know were there, beneath

The flashing of the birds in that sky

Whose sun cannot be seen. There I saw

The jeweled fruits that pendulous hang

Upon their trees, those shrouds of mist that part—

And I cannot tell you the stupendous

Illuminations that befell me there,

Plunged and shot through with the blackest lights

That weave sinuously among the trees,

Where a Goddess walks, face half fair, half charred,

But they do still make my blood seethe,

Make my eyes spin. Hark the birds of the mists

On that shore mewling above the strand,

In strains of plangent joy they song the path.




5 thoughts on “Silver Branch Arrangements

      1. That is something I had not previously realized: each of the three Brigits might have chthonic (or telluric), oceanic, and ouranic currents…and perhaps even a dark and a light side of each of those…which makes for at least 18 Brigits! Hurrah, polytheism! 😉

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