A Gratitude Poem

Up and Down the Stairs of Time:

A Praise Poem


The lustre of flares in water,

The teeth of lions spread on the meadow;

A cauldron simmering and ever full;

A star bright night on mountain forest;

The mist plays at veiling the sea

But the waves still thunder.

Rain falls on a hot afternoon, amid bright flashes;

Cattle graze peacefully on the lush grass;

The grapes are pressed for next year’s vintage;

A sword flashes naked truth in its gleaming;

The acorns lie deep on the wood’s floor;

A beautifully crafted chain of words flows;

Sculptures perfectly formed, red lotus garlanded;

Ravens, oystercatchers, hummingbirds…

I sing your praises Shining Ones

On this pale shore, on this golden isle,

On this meandering pathway

Up and down the stairs of time.


Perhaps you can discern some of the Ones being thanked?


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