Hail To The Spirits of Storm

As many of you know, California has been suffering from a horrible drought. The last couple days have been very wet, but we’re still only a little over half of average rainfall in San Francisco. To the south, like in San Jose, there’s been even less rain. Here’s my gratitude for the rain:


Hail to the spirits of storm

To the pounding ones

To the loud ones

The thunder and lightning wielders

The sonorous and the soaking

(May you visit more often)

And to the wide drinking earth

To the moist soil and the land yearning!

We give thanks to the storm powers

To the life giving rains

May we drink deeply!


2 thoughts on “Hail To The Spirits of Storm

  1. Lovely!

    May all of the deities of the rain, the ancestors who knew how to sing it down from the heavens, and the land spirits who call out for it, converge there soon, and safely without floods!

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