Air n-Aisthesc: A New Celtic Magazine

The first issue of Air n-Aithesc is out. What is that? you may ask. Well, it’s a new magazine focused on Celtic polytheism that is available in both digital and print formats.

I’ve got an article there on Brigid’s ‘retinue’ and am also on the review committee. There’s a lot of good stuff in the first issue, so go and check it out. Writers include Saigh Kym Lambert, Morgan Daimler, and Ceffyl Aedui, among others. We are also seeking articles for the Lughnasadh issue.


From the website:

Air n-Aithesc: Our Message is a peer-reviewed magazine that hopes to offer well researched material for Celtic Reconstructionists and others who value the role of academics as much as they value the role of the spiritual in their practice.


The magazine’s main aim is to offer as many resources as possible, from research articles to in depth explorations of how personal experiences fit in with the sources, book reviews, and much more.

Vol. 1, Issue 1


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