From the Prow of Myth Review

Check out the review of From the Prow of Myth over at Aedicula Antinoi:

A couple excerpts:

There is a quality to many of these poems that is simultaneously reminiscent of the Orphic Hymns in their grand and traditional lyricism, but which likewise has a touch of what I can only describe as a variety of “pagan beat poetry,” in the very best sense of that set of terms. There is a Zen-like, haiku-esque use of linguistic economy and restraint that ends up being more suggestive and evocative, and nearly apophatic amidst the generally kataphatic phraseology of poetry. It’s a quality I’ve also sensed in other modern polytheist poets, including in Erynn Rowan Laurie’s Fireflies at Absolute Zero, a poet who likewise shares the CR/filidecht and Antinoan Mystery tradition associations with Routery and myself.


The section on land spirits was especially wonderful, and given the general neglect of these in modern pagan and polytheist practice, this is all the more commendable. Even though many of us do revere and honor these beings in our local geography, not many of us write truly devotional poetry to them, and so this section may be of especial interest to those who wish to see exemplary models to follow in this regard for the future.

–P. Sufenas Virius Lupus



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