The Wyrd Ways

October and November riches:

October and the start of November held such an overflowing of ritual goodness. Mid-month I celebrated the local wine grape harvest for Dionysos, and the Hermaia Propylaia for Hermes, a modern festival developed by Sannion and Dver, which I’ve done for the several years now. Late at night I wal out with a food offering to a nearby park/golf course, which was once a cemetery (and where the dead can still be felt) Originally, I had UPG that this site had associations with the dead, and then later research verified that this was indeed a former cemetery. I love those confirmations of gnosis! Then came the Sacred Nights of Antinous, followed almost immediately by Samhain. This year I broke it up into components, so to speak. Secular Halloween and the laying out of the ancestor altar on Thursday, a private ritual to one of my gods on Friday, and a Samhain salmon feast and full ritual for the gods and spirits on Saturday.


And this Wednesday night (Nov.6) 10PM East Coast time I will be on Wyrd Ways Radio for an interview with the inimitable Sannion, who says “Prepare to have your mind blown by the power of poetry.” Yes, From The Prow of Myth will be talked about.

So tune in at 10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST on Wednesday, November 6th to listen to the show live.

You can call in at 347-308-8222.

Hope to hear from some of my readers.


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