A Few Thoughts on the Gods


Doing rites for the gods is beautiful, good, and true, at least if they are done well.


The gods inspire, and so they deserve our praise and offerings.


In ritual I incline to Them.


Arete should be a goal (we are important). And at the same time hubris avoided (we aren’t’ the center of things). Piety is important; it is part of the work.



My gods live in land, sea and sky. From a philosophic-theological-ontological perspective one could say, They are just over the horizon, just behind the tree, in the mountain, behind the cloud, below the skin of things—except when They appear (when They unconceal Themselves). Doors to the otherworlds are everywhere.


They also disclose Themselves in myth, sacred narrative, and art.


They have given us both reason and Imagination.


The rift of sacrifice allows us Their presence.




“All things are full of gods.” Thales (624-546 BCE)


Our minds are usually too cluttered to notice. But we have practices to help unclutter.



A commitment to aletheia is important. (It will always be interpretive, that is part of the nature of human consciousness—we are limited animals.)



The old stories, especially, can guide us, can provide foundations for our reconstructions, for our worship.


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