Lanuvium West Rite


I know it’s been quiet here for a quite a while. I’ve just been very overworked. But a week ago we had a lovely Antinous devotion rite in a local park. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus visited from Washington, another devotee came up from the South Bay; it was great to do ritual here in a place I often do solitary stuff.  This in Diana’s grove,, a place where devotees of the goddess have long worshipped. I really enjoy seeing statues in public places that have offerings regularly and are obviously foci of contemporary pagan devotion.

I call this spot ‘Lanuvium West’ after a town near Lake Nemi in Italy that had a (funerary) club dedicated to both Antinous and Diana in Roman times. They shared a temple in the town. Members of the club met for feasts and contributed money to a pool for burial costs. The place here is on a bluff high above the ocean in a park, which is the former garden of Adolph Sutro, a 19th century mayor of San Francisco who had many classical sculptures installed in his garden, which were open to the public. Diana is the only survivor. The main entryway is flanked by two huge lions.





4 thoughts on “Lanuvium West Rite

  1. My apologies for not commenting on this earlier, or linking to it! I’ve been so over-run with garbage for a lot of the time since I’ve been back that I’ve not had the time to read blogs much, alas. But, I shall rectify that soon!

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