Great Dionysia

A poem for the Festival:

Wine Haired

Wine haired child of the Nysan cave

Standing on the dark headland,

Hair panther dark, eyes merlot,

So perfect you seemed carved out

Of some primordial substance, some antique

Wood from long vanished aromatic forest.

You wait to board the ship

(You who are always appearing from beyond)

But this boat is captained by thug

with stone eyes; you purred, yet

he still thought he could take you ransom.

Little did he know that

his ship would whisk into an eddy,

outside of time, where the original forest would grow

on his floating island, dripping the vine’s fruit over

a creek gushing wine, while bear and mountain lion

pad about. A fierce and fitting joy

to see the good sailors leap dolphin changed

into billowing sea, the captain impaled

in lion’s claws. O Lord of Animals.

Dinoysos take me into your hyle.

Note: Hyle is the ancient Greek word for forest, which in later Greek, due to Aristotle’s new usage, came to mean matter. I use it here in its older sense.


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