An Imbolc Offering


I have long been devoted to Brigid. She is important in the work of filidecht, of vision poetry. She is a guide, as well as a healer. A little known aspect of her, or a related deity (for the splitters) is the little known  Brig Ambue, that is Brig of the Cowless/Outlaw Warriors, who is associated with those outsiders like the fianna and diberga. For an intriguing and insightful article that discusses some of this and throws a different light on the Imbolc festival see “The Hidden Imbolc” by P. Sufenas Virisu Lupus:


Butter and dairy products in general seem to have been considered cleansing/purifying elements, and so the references to butter for the warriors in my poem that follows. They also make excellent offerings.




Bright spots of beauty

And leaves of grass,

Yielding speckled cows and

Butter for the warriors

And milk for the poor;

Juts and arcs of generosity—

A lake of beer.

Kindness and compassion forged

For all that breathe and grow,

Midwife poet and keening mother

Healer of limb heart and soul—

O Triple Brigid!


5 thoughts on “An Imbolc Offering

  1. Oh, wonderful! A beautiful tribute!

    I’m so sorry I’m coming to this so late…I’ve not had much time this entire calendar year to read as many blogs as I’d ordinarily prefer, and at the moment, I’m killing time while one of my students takes make-up quizzes, so…

  2. Glad you like it! I think it can be read as three in one or three period or other combos. 🙂

    I sure understand the time thing. Wish an intercalary month could float in from the Otherworld! If that makes any sense….

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